America’s hottest new game:

Experience the excitement and embarrassment of my personal journals with five-to-seven of your closest friends from the comfort of your own home. Up the ante with fake bets using real chips to dominate your competitors. All players are guaranteed one round. Will I read on yours?

Play to find out.

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See what players have to say:

“This game ignites curiosity and creativity. It is amazing to see people get so enamored with the personal life of the writer, Andrew. His words leave you wanting for more and more. Playing the game is a new way of having a fun interactive activity at any event! Even though the game revolves around a single person’s life, it has a way of uniting everyone in the room.”

“I can’t help but admire this writer’s courage not only in opening up the pages to his private thoughts, but in bringing to fruition his vision… an ingenious way to share his talent. I’ve played Writer’s Roulette once, and I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I had such an experience. I had fun and was intrigued the entire time .. and even though there was an eventual winner, it didn’t feel like anyone lost. Andrew has a beautiful spirit, he’s genuine, he’s gutsy and he’s incredibly talented – I look forward to attending another one … and I want to hear more about Delilah!”

“Playing Writer’s Roulette with Andrew was the perfect entertainment for our group night. Not only was the game exciting, thought provoking and fun but also a way to learn more about the creative techniques of each player.”