The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is one of the most widely read pieces of literature ever. Its impact is felt across the world in over sixty different languages and thirty million copies. It is required reading in schools. It plays on adapted stages and screens alike. It continues to find refuge in the secret annexes of many young minds.

The reach of her words cannot be overstated. They are frank in their feelings and observations. One can only imagine the rich insights and emotions her writings would have expressed for us all. Anaïs Nin, a prolific writer and diarist, is another example of what is possible when we have the courage to write. And it is my sincere hope to be the next with an unprecedented view into my own feelings and observations that span fifty diaries over nine years (and counting).

This view is an online archive and database designed to catalog every verse from every diary that now sits under my bed. It tracks each verse from when and where it was written down to the paper and pen used to create it. Furthermore, it conveniently places hyperlinks to each verse individually, in context, and transcribed. Visitors will have the power to explore or query the database on any combination of attributes provided. Every verse added will be one neuron in the most complex, comprehensive conscious available online.