Reclaim 11

Handwritten Journal

Days after our plans were set, Chantal and I proceeded to test the limits of our self-control. We were both vulnerable. We were both lonely. We were both unavailable. But we had one another from the morning to past midnight.

It is true that nothing good ever happens after 2AM.

Thankfully, I left before that with enough time to write about it all. By all, I mean the parts I was not ashamed about and could conceal with the thin justification of comforting a friend and nothing more. It was all a lie. It did not detail how we ended up in her bedroom nor how we ended up on her bed. It did not detail what I was truly feeling and what I truly wanted.

There are moments in my life I am not proud of. This, however, is not one of them. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We had every opportunity to cross into infidelity that night. And despite the substantial omissions of this entry, we never did.

excerpt from a handwritten journal entry (book of reclaim, entry 11, verse 1)
Transcript Available Here.